ECOXGEAR goes for gold with EcoJump and EcoBump portable power solutions

ecoxgearWith so many of us owning portable devices in this day and age, it is no wonder that there will always be opportunities to charge up your device on the move to make sure that they will be able to continue functioning well. ECOXGEAR knows this, which is why they have introduced the EcoJump and EcoBump, which we will dive into in greater detail right after the jump.

First of all, let us set the record straight. The ECOXGEAR EcoJump is not something for your smartphone or tablet, but rather, for your vehicle. The EcoJump is actually a safe, convenient and waterproof lithium-powered car jump starter that boasts of 500 amps alongside 12 V cranking power, providing users with 25 jump starts per charge in a small, portable package. Touted to be the world’s first emergency jump starter that boasts of integrated Bluetooth Low Energy, the EcoJump will send its charge status and temperature directly to any smartphone via the ECOXGEAR app. This app works on iOS and Android platforms, informing users as to when the unit is in need of a recharge, or is not placed in a temperature which won’t let it function properly.

Boasting of 800 peak amps that are included in this powerful system, it can power up any 6.0-liter gas and diesel engine. This would comprise of cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles. Fret not, it has a safe, mistake-proof design alongside reverse polarity notification and spark protection. Not only that, the EcoJump will also feature a flashlight, strobing hazards and mobile charging.

As for the ECOXGEAR EcoBump, it carries the distinction of being one of the world’s most valuable emergency smartphone chargers that are available at the moment. This particularly convenient charger can retain its power for up to five years or more, which is far more than the other competitors in the market. The primary battery even comes with an integrated charge connector, which allows it to add 900 mAh capacity to any handset while offering seven hours of emergency talk time.

It has also been cleared by the FAA, and comes complete with a waterproof cap to boot. The EcoJump and EcoBump will be available this coming March for $149.99 and $14.99, respectively.

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