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Ecoxgear delivers solar powered chargers for the road warrior

ecoxgearIn this day and age, many of us do carry a plethora of gadgets – and more often than not, there is the now routine habit of charging up every single one of those devices before we retire for the night – to make sure that they will be up and ready for all day action from the moment you wake up tomorrow, at least until the next charging cycle. The thing is, there are moments in life when you have to take the beaten path – and this would mean running into the possibility of not having enough power outlets, or even worse, being unable to find a single one of those when your smartphone’s battery is down to the last level. Why not make sure that you have a handy portable solar charger around? Ecoxgear sees this to be an opportunity to deliver new solar chargers that will fill up this niche nicely.

Using PV panel technology that comprises of a solar panel that is made with a 3-D crystalline structure, it paves the way for more efficient light capture over longer daylight hours, which ultimately results in more useful solar energy. Since it can deliver more energy, SunCore’s solar panels happen to be 22% to 23% more efficient as opposed to traditional panels which which are 10 – 15% efficient. In other words, users of Ecoxgear’s HD solar panels stand to gain increased light exposure and accrue more energy as opposed to traditional panels. Apart from that, PV panel technology’s HD cells can also harvest a broader light spectrum, which means you should not experience any kind of setback during cloudy and hazy days.

Ecoxgear will also make use of SunCore’s patented Power Management Circuit so that it can provide additional battery power to their products. This technology would see the solar panel deliver more energy to the battery and double the efficiency in low light and nighttime situations, being a truly unprecedented breakthrough in solar technology.

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