Ecotek Energy Wizard saves energy

A lot of appliances currently created are a lot more mindful of their energy usage.  However, for those of us using old appliances or ones from companies that just don’t care about that sort of thing, there is a bit of hope.  The Energy Wizard is intended to make sure that your appliance doesn’t suck up quite so much energy as it normally would.  Of course these Ecotek Energy Wizards are only going to help out those with a standard UK 3 pin plug socket.

It could reduce your consumption by up to 10%, just depending on how badly your appliance leaches power.  It works by making sure the alternating current and voltage works a little more smoothly.  The voltage and current rise and fall together.  By forcing you appliance to do that it makes it run much more efficiently and will bring down that energy bill.  You can purchase one of these for £23.50 through Amazon.

Source: Envirogadget

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