The eCool will chill your drinks without adding to your electric bill


When it’s hot out, we immediately go for air conditioning. While we are lucky to get immediate relief, it was not always this easy. In years past you would have┬áto sit in the shade, and hope that you could find a cool beverage. That method required no electricity, and while it doesn’t keep us at our preferred temperature, it was something better than sitting directly under the sun.

If you’ve ever dug a hole deeper than a foot, you start to notice a change in temperature. It’s far cooler underground, which is likely why so many creatures choose to make their homes under the earth (other than protection, and a myriad of other reasons). When it comes to a canned drink, they’re not normally good unless they’re chilled. While you can drink them straight from the fridge, you’re most likely going to wander outdoors with them as the summer makes the weather more tolerable. If you’d prefer to just keep them outdoors, and not have to add to your electric bill in the slightest, then the eCool might be your new favorite yard accessory.

This is a long tube that is almost 4 feet in length, and is almost buried except for the top. By turning the crank at the top, you can access different shelves that are just large enough to hold a canned beverage. This can stay underground all year long, and will keep about the same temperature throughout the entire container. It’s the perfect solution to having a summer BBQ and not knowing where to store your soda or beer without having to use a lot of ice. However, this ingenious idea will cost you, as it is priced at around $350. It may save you on electricity, but it would be a long time before it would be worth it. Not only that, but you will have to install this yourself, and without a garden drill, it will take some measure of work.

Available for purchase on ecool