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Ecoisme claims to be the world’s most intelligent home energy monitoring system

ecoismWhile there are a number of smart home solutions out there in the market, here is one particular solution that might just make you think twice and consider, especially if you happen to have a soft spot for the environment. Ecoisme claims itself to be the world’s most intelligent home energy monitoring system, where it will be able to offer consumers as well as homeowners a simplified solution for cutting energy consumption and household costs. Certainly cost cutting measures are music to anyone’s ears, especially if you are the “boss” or person in charge.

Ecoisme is an exclusive project on Indiegogo, where this smart home energy system works this way – it will detect the usage of all home appliances, and upon doing so, be able to calculate and provide real-time alerts as to when devices are left powered on, coaching you gently and yet firmly in the art of reducing energy consumption.

Ivan Pasichnyk, CEO of Ecoisme shared his ideals on this Indiegogo project, “We spent almost 2 years developing Ecoisme and have finally come up with the easiest and smartest energy monitoring solution. One sensor is all it takes to make your home truly intelligent. And although Ecoisme has powerful and complex technology behind it, the system is extremely easy to use. It’s like Shazam for energy usage.”

Ecoisme was specially designed with simplicity in mind, where using it is as easy as placing the clamp on your main power line as well as inserting the plug into the power outlet. From there, one will be able to access the Ecoisme dashboard via the user-friendly mobile app or web interface, and check out a full breakdown on the energy consumption for individual household devices. Ecoisme will also be smart enough to single out all of your home appliances, check up on their energy efficiencies and suggest the best ways for you to save energy.

Ecoisme is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo, and if you would like to be an early adopter, you will be on the receiving end of a special discount of $50 off of the $149 price.

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