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EcoFlow Tech delivers the River portable power solution

riverMany of us carry around a power bank these days for one obvious reason — a large number of our time is spent on mobile devices, and it is not strange at all to see at two smartphones being used by a single person. Well, not all power banks are created equal, and EcoFlow Tech has come up with River, a revolutionary portable power solution.

Just in case you have not heard of EcoFlow Tech before, this is a revolutionary battery startup that intends to change the way the mobile power industry works. The River is the first step, where it sports an array of ports and 500-watt total output, allowing it to juice up to 11 devices simultaneously. Alternatively, you can have it to function as a smart power source for a multitude of needs, which will include camping al the way to filmmaking and to emergency management and construction.

Specially designed by several of the world’s leading battery engineers, River incorporates patented and patent-pending technology which will be able to deliver unparalleled safety and convenience. Touted to be the first truly mobile power station that offers a real-time, minute-level power display, you can recharge River in three different ways when it is empty. Opt for a wall socket that will charge it up within 6 hours, or take 9 hours via a car lighter, or the eco-friendly solar panel re-charging solution that takes up to 15 hours.
Another special thing about River? It boasts of a shelf life of up to a couple of years, without needing any kind of charging at all. This is still an idea that is being worked out, and it will rely on crowdfunding via its Indiegogo page where it comes with an early bird price of $499 at the moment. Needless to say, the early bird will get the proverbial worm, since you can never tell just how large a success this will be eventually, and by then it would cost you a whole lot more if you wanted one!.

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