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ECO100 – The Pen Shaped Mouse


The ECO100 mouse is just a little bit different (though similar to the vertical mouse we reported on), it has your usual left and right buttons and scroll wheel but instead of holding it like a regular mouse you hold it like a pen.

I do quite like the idea of the ECO100 and it would be great for totally new uses as everybody has used some sort of writing implement in the past. I’d love to give one of these a try but don’t know whether I’d ever make the switch (I use too many different PCs).

The ECO100 will be available from dynamism though there’s no details on prices just yet.

1 thought on “ECO100 – The Pen Shaped Mouse”

  1. Hey buddy, not only new users but even for the great techies, it would be a great fun.Surely it will be a different experience altogether.

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