Eco-friendly laptop

lg.jpgLG Electronics recently unveiled a concept for a future laptop called “ebook”. The laptop, instead of the current LCD (liquid crystal display) panels, uses OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels which are more efficient in terms of energy consumption and manufacturing processes.

The laptop will be powered also through clean fuels such as methyl alcohol or natural gas, and it features a special cylindrical hinge to storage such fuels. All the combined characteristics make this laptop much more environment-friendly than standard products. The confirmation comes from the fact that LG was included among 12 “best of the best” design concepts from the Red Dot Award.

For those of you not familiar the Red Dot Award is one of the most important design awards worldwide, they have basically two categories: “design concept award” which is given to future concepts that inspire the industry or promote innovation and the “product design award” which must be assigned to products that are already being produced and on the market.

A manager of the company commented that “under the current technology, it’s extremely expensive to build such a laptop. But it’s possible (…) we are suggesting the idea for the laptop of the next generation.”

Another interesting fact is that among the 12 winners of the Red Dot Award there are only 2 corporations. The other prizes were awarded to individual designers or to university teams composed of design students. This reveals that it could be difficult to nurture creative designs within the ranks of large and bureaucratic organizations.

Reference: Korean Times

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