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Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer helps soothe the day’s stress away

eclipse-scentedThere is always value in being simple – after all, a too convoluted design more often than not leads to a headache, as form starts to look chaotic. This could be the very same reason as to why the $69.99 Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer comes in a stylish simplicity which makes it just about essential in any tranquil home or spa. All that you need to do is to plug it in, and it would be a matter of minutes before the comforting aroma of scented wax start to spread across the room, helping ease away the stress of the day.

The Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer will also sport a soft yellow glow that emanates from the porcelain semi-spheres, thereby creating a calming “corona” effect that resembles a solar eclipse. It is recommended for use in rooms of up to 375 sq. ft., anything larger than that and the effectiveness would be a whole lot less pronounced. The Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer comes with a single lavender-vanilla wax pod that offers approximately 35 hours of use, and you can choose from black or white colors.