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EC Technology reveals Bluetooth 4.1 Magnet Attraction Headphones

iec-bt-headphonesWhen it comes to headphones, there are dime a dozen models to choose from. Of course, some of us would prefer earphones, while others prefer headphones, wireless or wired, it really boils down to what suits the shape of your ears better, not to mention your budget and the ilk. Well, with so many different models out there, why not throw caution to the wind and try something that hails from a lesser known name? I am referring to the Bluetooth 4.1 Magnet Attraction Headphones by EC Technology.

Yup, I myself have not heard of EC Technology before, but they happen to be a supplier of high quality consumer electronics products, and they have just introduced the spanking new EC Technology Bluetooth 4.1 headset that will boast of headphone functionality, and not only that, will also come with a microphone as well as stereo with Magnet Attraction, now how about that? There will be a top-of-the-line CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.1 chipset which has been integrated and thrown into the mix in order to achieve a wire-free connection to smartphones, tablets, PCs and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Through this, one will be able to enjoy a steady Bluetooth signal, and when coupled with an independent in-line control and HD microphone, users will be able to enjoy incredible wireless freedom regardless of whether they are listening to music or simply making a call to friend or family.

There will also be selectable soft medical grade earbuds that allow a fit for various ear sizes, ensuring that users will never have to feel uncomfortable, even after wearing them for a long time. There will also be an adjustable buckle that makes it possible to set to their most favorable length. It has a 10-meter working distance, allowing you to enjoy your favorite thumpin’ tunes whenever you are pounding the pavement or hitting the mills at the gym. With a form factor that measures all of just 4.2” x 3” x 1”, this is one ultra-light and ultra-small device that will surely underline its comfortable design and sets users’ ears free.

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