Easypark- the Parking Meter IN your Car


There is nothing like parking in New York City, not only is space difficult to find, its sometimes impossible to decipher the rules of parking in whatever space you eventually come across. When you finally have a spot, you might have to run out during dinner to feed the meter, and if you don’t have a pocketful of change… darn.

This next gadget doesn’t fix the entire problem, I don’t think anything ever will, but it certainly will help. Check out On Track Innovation’s Easypark. Easypark is a patented in-your-vehicle parking meter. It can be used for both on site or on the street parking, and it eliminates the need for change. Easypark also allows its users to pay only for the time actually parked, no more adding a quarter for a whole half hour that you probably you wont need.

Easypark, as its name suggests, is very easy to use. Your device is supplied with funds either by loading it online or at an Easpark retail location. Turn on the unit, and simply hang it in your car window. The parking system not only allows cities and towns to more properly monitor parking patterns and usage, it can also easily handle different cities, parking rates, or taxes.

Easypark¬†could also easily increase revenues and reduce operating costs for many municipalities as well. It reduces paperwork and money handling, meter maintainance and manpower. Of course as long as I’m not running through the rain in search of a quarter, I’m happy.

Easypark is in use in over 30 cities around the world including locations in Isreal, Italy, France, Buermuda and the United States. It may be coming soon to a city near you.

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