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EasyBreath Snorkeling mask – one of the few times you can breathe easy underwater

Winter has a plethora of fun activities (skiing, snowman construction, ice skating, etc.) but they require lots of bundling up. Not only do you have to put on many different layers, but you’ll also have to find a place to put them once your internal temperature raises from your exertion. If you prefer warmer weather, and would rather think ahead to what activities you’ll be able to do when it’s warmer outside, then now would be the time to invest in the equipment you’ll want to use.

Should you enjoy exploring under the water’s surface, then scuba diving or snorkeling are excellent choices. However, they both require some specific gear if you want to be immersed for longer than you can hold your breath. Goggles often fog up, and it takes a little practice to use a snorkel very well. Should you prefer to be able to breathe naturally without going too far under, then the EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask might do the trick.

This is a full face mask that will allow you to breathe through either your nose or mouth. As it is fairly large, this will grant you a wider field of vision as it won’t be obstructing your view with plastic. One common fear with snorkeling is that water will enter through the top, but this comes with a mechanism which will plug the top even if the snorkel is completely submersed. Thanks to a bright orange top, you’ll also be highly visible should anyone else be swimming or boating nearby. This will cost you around $54 should you be interested.

Available for purchase on tribord, found via ohgizmo

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  1. Hello I am interested in your easybreath masks Id like to purchase ten can you advise when and where I could do so? Thank you . Regards Dave Goetz

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