Easy Trim battery powered personal trimmer

battery powered personal trimmer

Stray hairs can get quite irritating especially when you’ve got a date coming up or a social event where plenty of the rich and famous will be in attendance. Well, we suppose if you were actually invited to such an event you would definitely be able to afford the best forms of beauty care, but for folks who are part of the rags-to-riches story and prefer to take on a more DIY approach might prefer to remove these stray hairs themselves without the pruning and preening of some prima donna beautician who costs hundreds of dollars per session. The Easy Trim from Andis Company is a spanking new battery powered beard trimmer which aims to eradicate any stray hair spotted. Measuring a mere 4.5″ long, the Easy Trim is highly portable and slips into a travel bag or purse, ready to trim hair from ears, nose, eyebrows, beards – virtually any spot that requires a quick trim before an encounter where errant hairs might cause embarrassment.

Accordin to Fred Koeller, Vice President of Marketing at Andis, “Easy Trim is about the size of a lipstick. It has a protective cap that covers the blades and is a lot safer than carrying a pair scissors, even small ones, especially when traveling.” Easy Trim will feature surgical stainless steel blades that are recessed, rust proof and a snap to rinse clean after each use. Each purchase will be accompanied by a couple of interchangeable heads, where one will be used for hard to reach areas like ears and noses, while the other for detail trimming on areas like beards and mustaches. This translates to the magic ability to shape eyebrows within seconds.

Powered by a solitary AA battery, the Easy Trim will come with a sleek stand and a five year warranty. Looks like this would make a great gift for dad if he tends to be an hirsute person.