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Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper

It seems that we are all into automatic stuff these days – anything that ain’t automatic just is not going to cut the mustard. After all, they did say that if you want to prevent anyone from stealing your car, just buy stick – as car thieves these days are unable to drive stick, so they will most probably settle for an automatic car. Well, surely you have grown up all along, using a manual nail clipper to ensure those nails remain nice and short, right? Fast forward to the 21st century, and the power of electricity would help you shorten those claws in the form of the $39.95 Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper.

The Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper is pretty much self explanatory, and if it was not, then it certainly does not deserve the “easy to use” tag. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, it is ideal for those who happen to have limited manual dexterity. It has a 0.5″-long x 1/16″-wide alloy bit which will spin at 500-rpm, allowing it to use its precisely beveled blades to safely and gently trim nails each time you gently nudge your fingernail against the bit, and all of this is done without having to squeeze the fingers one bit, neither do you need to bend your wrist or risk cutting the cuticle. Easy as pie, no?