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Easout Bulb Remover

I have always heard that a half of a potato is an easy way to remove a broken bulb from your light socket.  However, never having tried that method, I can’t exactly promote it with any amount of confidence.  If you’re a little nervous about using that old trick, you can pick up one of these sets of bulb removers.  They are one way to make sure that you won’t receive a shock from the broken bulb.

I will say this, the Easeout is one tool that you won’t think to buy until you already need it.  It’s questionable if anyone would run into broken bulbs often enough to justify the purchase.  If you would use it a lot though, then it would be worth trying out.  It has a safety shield to protect your eyes from glass shards and a plastic handle that won’t conduct electricity.  Pick up a pair for $5.98 through Taylor Gifts.

Source: CraziestGadgets