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Easiest Cutting Butter Knife makes you feel like you’re Wolverine

easiest-cutting-butter-knifeHaving a nice, piping hot slice of toast to go along with your morning coffee is definitely one of the best experiences every day where breakfast is concerned. Of course, if that slice of toast had some butter to go with it, it would be all the more heavenly. If you are in a rush each morning and your slab of butter has not melted properly just yet, then you would definitely have trouble getting enough butter slathered all over that piece of toast. A heated butter knife might do the trick, but the $39.95 Easiest Cutting Butter Knife could be a decent alternative.

How does the Easiest Cutting Butter Knife work? This spreading knife softens cold butter by making use of your body heat. It is different from the common stainless steel knives which tend to find it a Herculean task when slicing cleanly through a cold stick of butter, as it is made with titanium copper alloy that conducts heat from one’s hand throughout the blade. All that you need to do is to grip the knife for a mere 20 seconds gently, and the temperature will be raised to 77º which will soften the cold dairy condiment to make it easy to cut and spread. This also helps to prevent toast tearing or muffin mutilation, and you will feel as though you had Wolverine’s adamantium claws with you.