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Ear Scope 13,000 Pixel shows you the dirt – and helps you clean it, too

earscopeWhen was the last time you actually cleaned out the wax from your ears? It might be a while ago, and it surely is one of the more enjoyable experiences, this I am sure. After all, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a totally clean ear canal, free of wax, that you are able to hear everything in new clarity. Well, perhaps you might want to ditch purchasing Q-tips after bringing home the $111 Ear Scope 13,000 Pixel.

The Ear Scope 13,000 Pixel is special in a sense where it not only shows you the dirt, but it will also help you to clean it, too. Basically, this is because it so happens to be a high resolution fiber optic earwax cleaner endoscope. Now that is certainly a mouthful, where Coden has brought about updates and improvements to its previous Ear Scope 7400 Pixel, delivering a new, high resolution model. Peer into the endoscope of the Ear Scope 13,000 Pixel, and you will be able to see the exact location of the ear pick, without having to make a rough estimate of the ear pick’s location, and neither do you need to keep up with rough scraping using cotton swabs that can damage your hearing. Do bear in mind that while this is not a piece of medical equipment, special care and attention ought to be taken when using this.