e-Ink, for pilots, oh yeah, and it’s real!

You’re probably been reading about e-Ink concepts that are out there (here and here for example).eFlybook from eFlybook

These, like the many before them, treat e-Ink as a conceptual anomaly that may one day be cool.

Well, it has been here for a bit, in useful practice. The people at ARINC developed the eFLYBOOK and it is available for pilots the world over. It is an e-Ink viewer for use in aircraft, mainly for pilots.

This is an entirely interactive tablet (hmmm, you Tablet PC (and Mac) folks paying attention,, maybe the back of a regular laptop screen maybe?) that stores, maps, charts, and forms for pilots to fill out. It does it all with a material that reads like ink on paper (yes, hence e-Ink). Stylus interactivity of course as well.

The thing about the e-Ink is that the contrast ratio is like that of type on a regular book, no matter the angle, no matter the light, the contrast is the same (ok, at night it’s hard, but the same goes when reading a book, plus this can be backlit).

The silly thing, is it came out in July of last year. So while people scramble to be first to the e-Ink game. Here’s an industry leader that has a functional device that provides real value.

Go get one for $1499.00 USD at Aircraft Spruce. eFlybook swarthy dude from eFlybook

Oh and if you haven’t been to Aircraft Spruce before, it’s like the best catalog of parts to make cool stuff ever! (go ahead, you Digi-key fans, bring it on!)

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