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The New Dyson Humidifier – 99.9% Bacteria Free


The Fall has arrived with all its beautiful color, brisk breezes, and pumpkins. Of course, also arriving are sinus headaches, pesky static cling, dry skin, sneezing and coughing I have always known that a humidifier could help with a whole host of dry weather concerns, but how do you choose one? Steam humidifiers seem dangerous, the old cool mist units can spew bacteria, I want to feel better, not grow mold and fungus!

So check out Dyson’s new humidifier, offering up Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology. This high tech, high end, unit utilizes a 3 minute cycle in order to ensure that every drop of water that will be sent into your room via the device, will be 99.9% bacteria free, and since it uses the air multiplier technology (famous on Dyson’s fans) it can project this hygienic mist gently, and evenly throughout a 172 sq. foot room. Don’t worry about sweating windows and soggy walls either, the Dyson Humidifier actually measures humidity and temp levels and adjusts itself accordingly, to provide you with the optimal home environment.

The high tech humidistat, coupled with Dyson’s efficient water management system, ensures that your humidifier will provide you with up to 18 hours of continuous use on a single tank of water. The Dyson also has a built-in sleep timer for an automatic shut off should you need it, can function as a high velocity fan sans humidity in the summer months, and comes complete with a handy remote control. But don’t expect relief this winter, sadly, Dyson’s Humidifier won’t be headed this way until Fall of 2015, and there’s no word yet on price, but I’m guessing if you start saving up right now… you might be halfway there when the time comes. Check out for more information, or to sign up for updates.