Dyson Groom Brush cleans up hair as you brush

I love my dog, but he sheds like crazy.  I finally have made him a dog that is mostly outside just because I really didn’t want the hair everywhere.  Despite owning a fancy pet hair model vacuum the hair was still around.  Well Dyson now has a vacuum that not only cleans up the hair on the floor, but also the hair that’s still lightly clinging to your dog.

This comes from the Japanese end of Dyson and will suck that hair right off of your dog.  It has a brush to get deep down in their fur coat.  If you already own a fancy Dyson pet themed vacuum you won’t need to pick up a brand new vacuum cleaner.  Instead you can pick up the attachment all by itself for $90.  Although it could be tricky since there’s no word on whether or not this is actually in the US or UK.

Source: OhGizmo

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