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Dyson Groom Brush cleans up hair as you brush

I love my dog, but he sheds like crazy.  I finally have made him a dog that is mostly outside just because I really didn’t want the hair everywhere.  Despite owning a fancy pet hair model vacuum the hair was still around.  Well Dyson now has a vacuum that not only cleans up the hair on the floor, but also the hair that’s still lightly clinging to your dog.

This comes from the Japanese end of Dyson and will suck that hair right off of your dog.  It has a brush to get deep down in their fur coat.  If you already own a fancy Dyson pet themed vacuum you won’t need to pick up a brand new vacuum cleaner.  Instead you can pick up the attachment all by itself for $90.  Although it could be tricky since there’s no word on whether or not this is actually in the US or UK.

Source: OhGizmo

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8 thoughts on “Dyson Groom Brush cleans up hair as you brush”

  1. The problem with this type of product is that most dogs are afraid of vaccuum noise and you will never get near them with the attachment.

  2. There are very long hoses made for exactly the issue of dogs being afraid of the noise. The machine is put in another room so the noise is not really an issue. If you have ever seen any of the “As Seen on TV” advertisements you will see…this is not a new product of this kind.

  3. I also think my dog would be afraid of the noise from the device. Though a long hose could solve problem. But i still wonder if my dog would stand still to let me clean him

  4. I never would have thought that someone would make a product for a Dyson! Yet here we are this is actually an amazing addition to the Dyson plug ons if you will. It sort of reminds me of that old Flobee but for animals! Great product!

  5. I have a Dyson too! This should be a great gadget to attach to it. But I wonder if my Golden Retriver will like to be brushed by a long hose… he gets afraid whenever there’s a vacuum cleaner near by…..

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