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Dyson DC44 Digital Slim vacuum review

Dust bunnies – they are the bane of just about any home, and is an even worse menace when you take into consideration the fact that we hardly have time to keep our homes spic and span any more these days due to the number of hours that we spend at the office for work. Which is rather strange, actually, especially when you take into consideration how we do have so many apps and devices that are supposed to make us more efficient so that we can spend more time doing the important stuff. Having said that, a robotic vacuum cleaner sounds like the ideal tool to help keep your surroundings nice and clean, but are those really able to get all those nooks and crannies free from dust? Sometimes, you will need to get things done yourself, and this is where Dyson’s DC44 Digital Slim vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

Forget about the Roomba, as doing it manually might actually be the better option here. For starters, the Dyson DC44 Digital Slim vacuum happens to be powerful and yet simply designed, and is extremely maneuverable for a vacuum cleaner, without requiring any kind of bags as well. This is also a handheld vacuum cleaner that can get those sofas and car seats clean in a jiffy thanks to its superior suction power.

The target market? Those who have plenty of time when it comes to cleaning the home, and of course, as with any other Dyson device, it will retail for a more expensive price compared to its counterparts, but you can be pretty sure that it will not have that kind of generic design, but rather, something special that might even make you wish you had more dust around so that you can spend all of your free time at home vacuuming the place. The fantastic form and function that it comes in makes it a snap to clean your floor as well as overhead compartments. Using it is a snap – just pull the trigger, and watch it go.

There is also an optional turbo button that will work wonders for extremely dirty floors, not to mention an accompanying array of nozzles that are capable of finding a task for it in your home. While some might see the battery life as its main drawback, do not be fooled by the advertised 20 minutes of continuous cleaning, I get a good half and hour before it finally runs out of juice and requires a plug to recharge.

I personally found that despite the Dyson DC44 Digital Slim tipping the scales at 5.07 pounds, it can get rather heavy after you spend some time with it via the one-handed design. You would have to sacrifice the lack of a motor on the floor for portability, but at that expense comes the issue of battery life as well as making good use of your hand’s muscles to get the job done.

Cleaning out the dirt chamber is something that you would also need to do since there is no bag for you to fill up with colonies of dust bunnies, so do be extra careful with it. I would strongly using a pair of gloves to get rid of everything within, and a face mask, too, would be worth an investment if you happen to be extremely sensitive to dust in the air. Still, if you have extra cash to spare and own a small apartment, then the Dyson DC44 Digital Slim would be extremely ideal. A house, however, would be better suited to an automatic vacuum cleaner or one that is motorized.

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