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The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum can roll with the best of them


When you have to vacuum and use a rolling unit that sits on the floor, there’s a careful dance you have to do to make sure you don’t tangle yourself in the cord. There’s also the unending fun of keeping it from wheeling off to the side and getting knocked over. The worst it would do is continue to suck dust out of the air, but it is certainly a frustrating experience.

If you’ve ever used a Dyson vacuum before, you would know why the price for those things are justified. This Cinetic Big Ball Canister Vacuum is likely of the same caliber as its Dyson brethren, with the same promise of not losing out on suction, this time due to its 36 Cinetic tips that separate dust. This doesn’t have any filters to wash or replace, justifying the upfront costs of buying the vacuum.

Using a carbon fiber turbine head with stiff nylon brushes, you’ll be able to use this on any floor type, and your air quality should improve ever-so-slightly from all the fine dust this can pick up. The big ball aspect of this is unique in that taking a tight turn that would normally knock over any other low sitting-vacuum that you would have to pick up after is able to correct itself if turned over. Another fun part of this is that trapped dust and debris will be ejected whenever you pop open the canister. It is quite pricey at $599.99, but they do stay true to their word with not clogging or losing suction, even after years of use.

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