Dyson Airblade

0621091553I figure that handwashing hasn’t changed in the past few decades. The only advancement that I have seen is those blower things in public restrooms. I suppose these are to replace those weird cloth towel things that were oddly and sadly in my dorm room in college. Even though blowers may save more trees than paper towels, the energy burned by them often goes to waste.

This is why Dyson made the Airblade hand dryer. This device uses eighty percent less energy than most blowers, provided it is used properly.

I recently encountered this device at a new movie theater that I attended last weekend, and had to take the photo that you see there. It was, of course, a risk to take a photo in a public restroom, I know, but it isn’t every day that I see an advanced blower. Oh man, did that come out wrong!

Anyway, I got a chance to use it, and this Airblade is what it says: it blows a blade of air (not to sharp, by the way) on your hands. This blade of air is so strong that it wrinkles my hands when I stick them in. I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to keep my hand there for too long, because the Airblade is supposed to work fast. New users will probably waste energy with their curiosity.

So if you see a Dyson Airblade in your local restroom, try it out, for gosh’s sake! Go ahead and leave a comment to describe your experience.


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