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The Dyson 360 Eye will blow the Roomba out of the water

Dyson 360 Eye

If you care about how clean your home is, you’ve likely heard the name Dyson before. This company is best known for creating expensive vacuums (they’re completely worth the money) that will never lose suction. Of course, there comes a time in every company’s life where they must expand to new territories, like that of the Roomba.

Robotic vacuums that sweep up while you’re away have become very prevalent as our time for domestic chores is less and less with each passing year. While the Roomba has become a well-known brand, that doesn’t mean they get to control the market for automated vacuums. Dyson has created the 360 Eye. This can see in 360-degree vision, and can triangulate where it is in a room to be able to tell where it’s going, and where it has been. There is a motor inside that is able to spin up to 78,000 rpm, meaning it can suck up a myriad of items from crumbs to pollen or mold.

This sits on tank tracks which will allow it to keep speed on any type of flooring, and also make it over bumps along the way. The full-width brush bar has a line of hard bristle and soft bristle so that no teensy piece of dirt can escape. Seeing that this is 2014, it only makes sense that you can link this to your smartphone and choose when and how the 360 Eye cleans your home through an app. While there isn’t any price point at the moment, you should know that this is going to cost you upwards of $500, probably leaning closer to a grand.

More information available at Dyson, found via techcrunch


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