The Dynamic Lamp is spin powered


I’ve seen numerous lights that utilize the winding of a handle in order to give the light power.  They work, but they aren’t in the least bit creative, it’s been done time and time again.  This globe shaped light will shine on your work and books all night long, just as long as you keep it charged.  To do that, you just spin the globe round and round just as if you would a normal globe.

Of course, there is no exact amount you spin it to get a certain amount of light since this is still a working progress.  Although it is a concept, they have actually created a real live version.  So now all they would have to do is find a way to mass produce these cool globes.  Although odds are if they ever reached the point that you could purchase them, it might be a bit out of your price range.  It’s rare that something this innovative is also affordable.

Source: Gizmodiva