Dynamic Eye works on LCD sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only meant to help you look cool in the sweltering heat just in case you haven’t realized, but they play a very important role – which is to make sure your eyes do not get more UV rays than they need especially when you are in the great outdoors. Of course, wearing a pair of shades that are well designed will also add to your stylish looks, but that’s besides the point. Till now, how many sunglasses do you know off that boast LCD technology? You can stop cracking your head already since Dynamic Eye is the first in the industry to roll out LCD sunglasses.

The company has recently completed the technology verification testing stage of its electronically controlled glare reduction sunglasses, where Dynamic Eye’s LCD sunglasses will deliver active glare control which is completely unlike and superior to today’s passive technologies – letting your eyes see what you need to see, nothing more, nothing less.

The sunglasses will darken only a small spot on each lens instead of the entire lens, which results in glare sources being dimmed dramatically, while everything else remains easy as pie to be seen. This unique pair of shades will merge sensors, miniaturized electronics, and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in an effort to increase comfort and safety in glare conditions.

Too bad there isn’t a commercial release of the product just yet since more work and money is required before it can roll off any factory production line. The commercialization stage itself will need additional funding and development, where Dynamic Eye hopes to be able to offer the sunglasses to the consumer market at a competitive, premium sunglasses price, followed by a price reduction when the technology used matures. According to company founder and CEO Dr. Chris Mullin, “Our products let users see more in glare situations than ever before, because they reduce direct glare ten to one hundred times more than any other sunglasses. On the technology side, we have a compelling application for the nascent plastic LCD industry because the application itself requires the lightweight, shatterproof, and bendable characteristics that distinguish plastic from glass.”

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