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DxO ONE connected camera updated

dxo-oneThe iPhone is a device that is well known for snapping great looking photos for the generation in which it was released, that is for sure. In fact, there aren’t too many smartphones in the same class and time period as the current iPhone of its time to be able to deliver equal or better looking shots under the same condition. Having said that, this does not mean that there is no way to improve on one’s photography skills with the iPhone, and the camera accessory can be one of them. DxO has just announced the immediate availability of yet another ground-breaking update to the award-winning DxO ONE professional quality connected camera for iPhone and iPad, where the version 1.3 update that is freely available via the iTunes App Store will bring about its fair share of new features.

The new features introduced will be able to further extend the use of the DxO ONE, where among them include the ability to make use of the OLED display as a novel framing assistant so that it can help to quickly compose while operating the camera with one hand. Not only that, DxO has unbundled their desktop software from the package (DxO FilmPack and DxO OpticsPro are now sold separately), which would allow even more photographers to be able to get their hands on the revolutionary DxO ONE camera without having to break the bank at $499 a pop.

John Stanmeyer, an award-winning photographer, shared, “That is one trippy amazing viewfinder — love it! Even more wonderful, in very low light, the ONE handled all the complexities of ISO, focus, etc., instantly. Amazing. Perfectly fine for those rapid moments when you want to make an image, a RAW high res file, in any lighting conditions we’re placed in.”

Version 1.3 will see the DxO ONE function as a miniaturized pro-quality camera that is smaller, easier, and faster to shoot than any other camera on the market. Other features introduced include motion blur alert, and an elegant new way to dial in white balance, metering and focus modes. Gotta love software updates in these modern times that improve on existing hardware, don’t you say so?

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