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DxO One camera upgraded with Wi-Fi remote control and outdoor shell

dxo-one-proDo you remember the DxO One camera? This is a camera that has been said to upgrade your smartphone’s camera to that of a DSLR level, even receiving an upgrade in the process. Of course, such claims are outlandish in nature, and you know for sure that no ordinary smartphone camera, even with the best imaging sensor at the moment, is able to turn the tide around where its image quality is concerned with an accessory upgrade. To take better photos, yes, but DSLR level? That is quite far fetched. Still, the DxO One camera has been upgraded yet again with a couple of state-of-the-art features: Wi-Fi Remote Control and Outdoor Shell.

The Wi-Fi remote control and a new waterproof Outdoor Shell have been specially designed in order for it to further extend its fields of use. Going along their promise to make the camera a whole lot better after purchase, the Wi-Fi Remote Control is made available to all existing users for free, now how about that? This will arrive via the upcoming 2.0 software update.

The implementation of DxO’s new Wi-Fi Remote Control will then do away with the cumbersome and altogether frustrating Wi-Fi configuration process which tends to be the bane of every Wi-Fi-equipped camera sold at the moment. You will hook it up via DxO’s patented Lightning connector, and Apple iOS will pass its Wi-Fi authentication credentials in double quick time. Even when you are traveling, the DxO ONE can easily create a direct Wi-Fi connection to your iPhone.

As for the Outdoor Shell, it will play nice with all current DxO ONE cameras, being extremely rugged in nature and yet is a snap to attach. The shell can be equipped with either of two waterproof back doors, where one is splash proof (IP67) while the other is fully submersible and immersion proof to depths of 45m (150 ft).

Expect the DxO One to retail for $499 a pop with the Outdoor Shell going for $59.99.

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