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The DxO One Camera puts a DSLR on your smartphone

DXO One Camera

Hordes of people are taking millions of photos on a daily basis. Photography is still an art form, but it is certainly not one that is appreciated. For those that have an eye for quality photos, you can spot the extra work that goes into making one. If you know the joy of a DSLR camera, then you also know the woes of wanting to upload nice photos of your life online, but not always having the time to sit down and move everything off of your memory card and upload it within the timeframe of the event.

If you want DSLR quality without having to bring your camera with you, then the DXO One Camera might be able to help. This has a maximum f-1.8 with an adjustable iris to let you capture moments and immediately upload them. It uses a one-inch, 20.2 megapixel sensor that will help you get brighter colors and high resolution even when you’re in a darker setting. This is attached to the bottom of your phone, and can easily swivel to take on strange angles.

It has a shutter speed up to 1/8,000 of a second, which means less blur and more motion shots. In selfie mode, it will count down from 3 and automatically brighten your iPhone as it shoots so your face will have more natural lighting. Of course, it just wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t another application for you to download, so there’s a DXO app for you to tinker with settings, and immediately upload things to popular social media sites. This is currently available for pre-order at $599, but this is going to be for those who have the money to buy a DSLR-quality phone accessory.

Available for pre-order on DXO