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DXG Seeing Cam Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera lets you feel like Sauron

dxg-seeing-camPlanning for your summer vacation might include a whole lot of preparation when it comes to the places to stay, modes of transport, not to mention the kind of home security measures to take. Do you ask your neighbor to check on your home every day, or will you have a relative drop by once every two days in order to make sure that just about everything is fine and dandy? Of course, rigging a home alarm system makes plenty of sense, but are there other methods apart from that or a spy camera that might help give you added peace of mind? The latest DXG Seeing Cam Wi-Fi video monitoring Smart Cam might fit the bill perfectly.

This is a DIY camera which has the ability to stream high-definition video to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, not to mention enabling users to track motion and audio changes while checking out their homes and business premises regardless of where they are in the world, as long as there is a decent Internet connection, of course.

The Seeing Cam itself will boast of a trio of stylish designs, where it is capable of delivering crisp Wi-Fi video, both streamed and recorded, in addition to two-way audio for listening or communicating through the device. It is fast and simple to install, where email alerts can be sent based on user-defined settings. Not only that, folks will be able to remain connected with Seeing Cam to the places and people they love most from their iOS and Android devices, with distance not being a factor.

Multiple cameras can be set up around the home and garage, allowing these bad boys to monitor multiple rooms, and all of them can be viewed from a single Seeing Cam app, making you feel as though you have the Eye of Sauron, eh? The Seeing Cam will arrive in a trio of models, with the Seeing Cam 110 featuring 360-degree pan, 90-degree tilt, 10x zoom and retailing for $149.99; and the Seeing Cam 105 and 109 with 10x zoom, unique form factors and retailing for $129.99 apiece.

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  1. Yes, but can it summon an army of orcs? Seriously, seems like a cool piece of tech to get footage of any bad guys in the act!

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