DX1 Input System is the ultimate customizable keyboard


I’m the kind of guy that loves customizing his computer. No boring beige box and single monitor for me. I’ve got a nice window in the side of the case to show off my awesome hardware and liquid cooling system. The two wall-mounted LCDs help me stand out a bit too. However, one thing I haven’t really thought about is customizing my keyboard. Sure, I can program a few function keys to my liking, but nothing like this DX1 keyboard.

The DX1 is about as customizable as you can get. While it has only 25 keys, it’s not really meant for typing, but rather as a tool to aid you in whatever line of work (or play) you’re doing. Each key can be placed anywhere on the board, and moved on a whim. You’re welcome to assign shortcuts and macros to each key, however, you don’t need to worry about how it interacts with multiple programs as it will remember your preferences for each. This customizable keyboard will set you back more than most, at $139 it is a bit salty, but would be well worth it to some.

Source: UberReview