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Dutch Lab – Exquisite Cold Brew Coffee Makers


Coffee is a precious commodity for working folks, as your brain must always be on high alert. The caffeine is what keeps you upright and moving forward, but very few drinkĀ it for this aspect alone. If you really just wanted a brain buzz you can take pills, drink black tea, or suck down some soda. The main reason we love this brown beverage is its flavor.

It’s quite versatile in how it can be prepared, and each method offers a new taste. Making a few cups also has a meditative quality to it, as you can be involved in the ritual of setting everything up. The most recent trend is for cold brew coffee, which is a lengthy process where you wait for cold water to filter through beans that are ground somewhere in between the coarseness of espresso and drip brew. This takes several hours, but it provides far less acidic coffee that can be stored for up to two weeks. If this is your favorite way to consume coffee, then there’s a machine you’ll want to save up for.

The Dutch Lab has created a variety of amazing brewing machines that are comprised of metal and glass. The price range is $300-8000, and each has been crafted to be easy to use and clean. These structures have three vertically aligned flasks with water in the top, grounds for the brewing process in the middle, and an empty flask at the bottom to catch the finished product. Depending on the version you choose, you can brew enough for multiple sittings in one go or just enough for the coming day. There’s no electricity required as it uses the power of gravity and time to push water through the machine. This is a work of art that will provide you with amazing flavor and caffeine, so it certainly seems like it’s worth the money.

Available for purchase on Dutch-Lab, found via Redferret