DuoFertility USB Skin Patch Monitors Ovulation

People say that the world population is reaching epidemic numbers. This might be true, but imagine how many more little people there would be crawling around if so many couples didn’t have fertility issues. Not to mention a lot more happy, yet stressed, parents.

Issues with fertility have luckily been getting a helping boost from the progress of technology. Medications and laboratory fertilization has totally changed the concept of getting pregnant. Though if you don’t want to grow your baby in a lab, there are other methods on the way to help before reaching that point. The DuoFertility USB Skin Patch could one day help millions of couples plan their newest addition to the family.

The DuoFertility Patch is a heat-sensing wearable gadget which uses the body’s basal temperature (BBT) to detect when a woman is ovulating. Users of the DuoFertility will be in good hands, as it is being designed at a company founded by Cambridge University PhDs. The device is capable of reading 20,000 more temperature readings then other gadgets, which are recorded to an internal reader, or transferred via USB to a computer to help plan conception.

The DuoFertility is planned to go on the market in Europe later this year. But high-tech conception aids don’t come cheap. The DuoFertility will retail for around $1,000 a pop. We can only hope that insurance covers a portion of this price one day.

Product Page via Gizmowatch