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Dueling Disc Battle is perfect for them picnic sessions

dueling-discI know that it is frigid and cold right now for those of us who are going through the throes of winter, but if you happen to live in a place where there is plenty of sunshine and open space to run around, perhaps having fun with a frisbee is a good thing! You know, sweating it out and all. For those of you who have watched Tron – whether the old movie or the “refreshed” one that was released in the earlier part of this century, then you would surely be enamored by the idea of a disc battle. Having said that, why not just relive those moments – or better yet, create new ones with the $79.95 Dueling Disc Battle?

The Dueling Disc Battle happens to be a portable outdoor game that can be set up in under a minute, so that one is capable of challenging picnickers and tailgaters to a duel via flying disc. It is set up so quickly, you can play it on a pavement, on grass, or even sand if you so desire. It will comprise of a plastic disc as well as a pair of safe plastic bottles that will rest atop two weighted metal stands. Players will play one on one or in teams of two, where points are earned through the toppling of their opponent’s bottle after tossing the disc, or when an opponent fails to catch a spinning disc or knocked bottle. It is a fully weatherproof set that ought to be able to endure years of battles and spills of food or drink.