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Duel Battle helps you get rid of some pent-up aggression


Have you ever had someone you care about do something so stupid that you want to punch them in the face? Violence is never the answer, but sometimes play fighting helps to relieve a bit of tension whether it’s needed or not, and give you a good workout in the meantime. Of course, play fighting needs to be exactly that, playing, and not actually trying to gorge out eyes or stab anything.

While Sockem Boppers were all the rage many moons ago, there wasn’t much structure to the game, so it was easy to get socked in the face and have it actually hurt. This Duel Battle is sort of the same, and while there is still the chance to get injured, it’s a little bit less so since it’s more based on balance than taking a good swing for someone’s teeth. This is an inflatable gladiator set which gives you two inflatable batons, and two inflatable podiums.

The idea is that you stand on the blow-up podium, and try to knock your opponent off of theirs. This will cost you around $37, and likely would’ve been a great way to deal with family over the holiday, but it could always be fun for next year. You can be the blue side, your aunt Edna can be the red side, and your whole family can watch in awe as your auntie pulls some crazy stunts you didn’t know she was capable of.

Available for purchase on red5

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