Dual-SIM iPhone Case

If you want to jive with a dual SIM phone and yet do not want to take a pick from the ugly designs out there from Samsung in particular, perhaps it is time to use your iPhone. Wait a minute here, you say, the iPhone does not come with a dual SIM carriage, so what on earth are you rambling about? Ah, this is where the cue for the £29.99 Dual-SIM iPhone Case comes in, where this particular iPhone case is special enough that it allows you to switch between either one of two SIM cards at the touch of a button.
Even better news is this – you are not required to install additional software on your iPhone in order to wield dual SIM cards. All you need to do is insert your SIM cards into the case, followed by clipping the case onto the iPhone 4/4S. This is a particularly brilliant design that lets you alternate between them using a mere switch flick. At least you need not tote around a couple of handsets, and you can choose to keep one number for work while the other is meant for leisure, hence allowing you to enjoy a work-free evening once the clock hits 5pm with a change of SIM cards.

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