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The Dualit Milk Frother makes creating fancy drinks easier


Dualit Milk Frother

If you’re in love with coffee, you’ve likely gotten to the point where you know exactly how you like your drink. It becomes very apparent when the coffee is burned, milk is scorched, the barista doesn’t know how to make foam properly for espresso drinks, or the ratio of ingredients for fancier concoctions is off. Should you want to start moving away from paying $5 for a drink, then why not get the equipment to makeĀ fancier beverages at home?

The coffee aspect isn’t too difficult to manage as there are automatic brewers galore, but getting perfect espresso or frothy milk is where things start to be more tedious. We’ve seen several options to help you with your caffeine addiction, but now it’s time to take the dairy into consideration. The Dualit Milk Frother will help you make the drink of your dreams quickly and easily at home. This looks like a kettle for water, but is capable of giving you heated milk, frothed milk, or cold milk from the press of a button.

To use, press the button once for froth, twice for heated, or press and hold for cold. The dual speed motor inside will make quick work of what would take you several minutes of manual work. This will cost you around $63, but will quickly pay for itself if you start using this more than Starbucks. Cleaning won’t require much work so long as you remember to soak it immediately after use.

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