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Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator: Fountain of Youth who?

dual-led-therapy-skin-rejuvenatorI am quite sure many of us would want to prolong our departure from this earth as long as possible – especially when life is going great guns for us. Well, the usual would apply – including getting the right amount of exercise, sleeping enough, and having a diet that is full of anti-oxidants and as free from free radicals as much as possible. Of course, certain kinds of beauty creams would also help – but so too, does the world of technology contribute. In this particular case, we are looking at the $189.95 Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator.

With the Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator, there no longer is any more need for the Fountain of Youth, am I correct? After all, who would want to live forever? There is nothing new happening at all anyway, it is just that “all new news is old news happening to new people” – according to Malcolm Muggeridge. This cordless handheld device will be able to deliver both red and blue light therapy, hence its name, as it claims to help users diminish wrinkles and rejuvenate skin at the same time go up against discoloration and blemishes. It is said that it requires 10 minutes of therapy thrice a week in order to help restore your skin, and the Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator would charge up in a couple of hours once its battery is drained.