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The Dual Power Bank will never leave a smartphone hungry for more power

Dual power Bank

Our phones are amazing. Through one little (or sometimes insanely large) device, we can look up the answers to all of life’s questions, text our friends, answer emails, watch cat videos, and take pictures of our day as we go. However, all of this use sucks the life out of our phones completely only halfway through the day. With so much time to be awake left in the day that we’d rather spend on our phones, this is where a backup battery would come in handy.

While you want enough juice to keep your phone alive, you also want to make sure your other rechargeable gizmos get some love too. The Dual Power Bank will make sure that all of your gadgets are treated equally as it has an 8000 mAh battery, meaning you could charge your devices several times over. It has 2 USB ports, so you don’t have to wait on one device to charge before being able to start up another.

This is only 1cm thick, meaning it can fit into your bag with ease if you need to dash and have limited pocket space. There’s an LED flashlight function for those just-in-case scenarios, and it has a display to let you know how much power it has left to dole out. This will cost you $78, which isn’t too bad considering all the use you could get out of your other devices because of it.

Available for purchase on Firebox