Dual Pizza Oven cooks two pies in 90 seconds

Dual Pizza Oven

I love pizza. Typing out those words just don’t seem to do justice for the way I feel about that particular food. I’ll eat pizza about as often as I can get away with, which can be pretty pricey. I try to balance things out by buying frozen pizzas or making my own. My family has a perfect pizza recipe that we’ve worked on for years (we’re all pizza lovers) and we love to make it to share with others. That’s why this Dual Pizza Oven caught my eye. This thing cooks pizzas faster than it takes me to even start prepping another batch.

I have to admit that I’m a bit skeptical of an oven that claims to cook two 12-inch pizzas in just 90 seconds. I understand that the time doesn’t apply to frozen pizzas (they’ll take a bit longer) but that’s still incredibly fast.

While I would feel tempted to get one of these for those times I’m making a lot of pizza, I think it would actually cook them too fast for me. I use the time when two are in the oven to get the next pair ready. If you’re looking to roll out pizzas as fast as you can, then you can have this for a reasonable $249.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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