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The Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons – never lose your spoons again

Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Cooking your own meals may be a little bit time consuming but it can be fun, and usually tastes far better than any prepackaged meal. Of course, to make a recipe correctly you’ll need your measuring cups and spoons. The spoons are the worst about disappearing, and while they sometimes come back from the depths of the abyss, more often than not they’re gone forever (the garbage disposal, accidentally being thrown away, etc.).

If you’re tired of losing your measuring spoons or misplacing them in a drawer and having to spend 15 minutes trying to find the right one, on principle, then it might be better to get a set that you can’t as easily lose track of. These Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons will make sure these can stick to the oven, metal cabinet or shelves, or other metal surfaces.While you can still lose these, it will be far easier to find them.

Should they happen to seem like they’re missing, it will more likely be that you’ve just forgotten they’re readily available, and are hiding out in the open in front of you. This is a five-piece set that is double-ended, and features both standard and metric measurements. The ends are narrow, and should be able to fit into spice jars easily. This will cost you $19, and while it’s not a necessity, it helps with those who are a tad on the forgetful side.

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  1. These aren’t new; I’ve had a set for several years. They are splendid, with the one caveat that the white lettering on the labels tends to wear off over time. If the maker could correct that one defect, these would earn five stars out of five…

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