Dual displays, easy: the Tritton USB to VGA adapter

A second display is a great way of enhancing one’s productivity. You can either extend your desktop or create another one and have different applications on each screen for better overview and multitasking. In a regular office one display could show the application you’re currently working on, and the other your regular Zuma/Bejeweled or Solitaire. This way you can actually get a bit of work done too. Just be sure you have your Stealth Switch handy.

As most office computers don’t have a dual head video card, it’s normally impossible to drive multiple displays. This is where the TRI-UV100 SEE2 USB to SVGA Adapter comes in. It allows you to connect a second display via the USB port.

As we all know that nothing is perfect, this gizmo doesn’t do the trick either. Read on for the drawbacks

USB means that all the rendering calculations are done by the CPU. This will thus dramatically slow down a slower PC. The huge bandwidth needed for all the video data means that you’ll only be able to use this with an USB 2.0 port (should not be that much of a problem nowadays).

The maximum display resolution is 1280×1024. This IS the standard resolution nowadays, but there’s a little catch here too, the maximum bit depth for this resolution is 16 for this resolution, so not the most colorful of displays.

Luckily, these drawbacks are really only problems for power users (read: PC geeks). In the normal office environment, it should work just well. So if you have the desk space and a spare monitor, or are planning to buy another monitor for the office, this could be the way to go.

The detailed specs and a list of resellers are available on the product page. Found at gadgets-weblog.