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DS Lite battery pack for extra gaming hours


While the Nintendo DS Lite is already well known for it’s long battery life, there isn’t really anything to complain about should third party manufacturers throw in a Battery Pack that prolongs your gaming time by up to an additional 40 hours. Yes, this gargantuan Battery Pack does exactly that, and even when it has run out of juice, you can always pop in a quartet of AA batteries to keep the action going. Kinda reminds me of the good old days of the original green monochrome Game Boy, where battery packs always come in four.

As with everything in this world, there are two sides to a coin. The only downside to this Battery Pack would be doubling the thickness of your DS Lite when you tack it on. Sounds like a small price to pay when you’re heading off on a long road trip, so I guess this is something I can live with. What about you?.

Source: Gizmodo

4 thoughts on “DS Lite battery pack for extra gaming hours”

  1. I do like being able to buy these kinds of gadgets, and I could see who might possibly want them, but I’ve never had a problem with my DS battery. At the very least, I get a good 10-12 hours with each charge.

  2. why would u get a ds lite? it has the worst graphics EVER!! get a psp 3000!!! it has eccelent games and graphics

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