Dry-Active Wearable Dehumidifier could be a wardrobe essential

dry-activeI am quite sure that many of us have gone through the experience of having the cold, clammy feeling of sweating right within our jackets, and this more often than not happens right after exercise or some other kinds of hard physical labor. Here is a little something that might just change the way such situations fold out in the future – the introduction of the Dry-Active Wearable Dehumidifier by Dry-Active Technologies.

Right now, the Dry-Active Wearable Dehumidifier has been under the umbrella of a Kickstarter campaign, where it is the first wearable dehumidifier in the world that decreases core humidity levels by up to 40%. It does so by creating a dry localized environment around your upper torso, and this in turn will enhance your comfort level as you engage in activities. Early backers of the Dry-Active Wearable Dehumidifier Kickstarter campaign can pick it up for approximately $99 a pop.

The Dry-Active’s patented system will be able to actively circulate air around your upper body, and at the same time take away the moisture from within your jacket. This is especially important when it comes to cold weather, as when wet fabrics that sit against the skin will be able to transfer the cold from the surrounding environment. As a result, this will lead to a drop in your body temperature. A simple illustration would be to imagine how much colder a cool breeze feels on wet skin as opposed to when you are dry. Hence, when your clothing is wet, the system will prevent this additional cooling effect so that you get to enjoy a more consistent experience.

Dry-Active can also be controlled by its smartphone app thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, as it goes about monitoring temperature and humidity readings. This is definitely not the normal kind of dehumidifier that one has in mind, as those tend to be old school in nature and are far from being so personal and portable.

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