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Drumsticks With Built in Speakers

Drumsticks with built in speakersEveryone has wanted a drum kit at some stage in life. Yet for most of us, we will never have one because of lack of money, space and possibly talent. It looks so cool when you see an experienced drummer in action, definitely attractive to the ladies.

I saw this gadget and thought, yeah, I want one of those! It’s not a useless gadget like a lot of others, it actually is a really cool gadget. It’s like playing air guitar except it’s not a guitar, its drums, and you don’t imagine a tune, you can hear one!

These amazing drum sticks have built in speakers and every time the rubber tips strike the air or hit a surface, they blast out a variety of drum beats. You can change the drum sounds from snare drum, crash cymbal and tom-tom. For added effect, the drum sticks light up at the tip using an LED light. I’ve seen a video of someone using these and its class. I really want to have a go on these things.

Obviously a real drum kit would be better but if that’s not an option, these definitely should be. Excellent stocking filler for everyone in your family, even Granddad, I’m sure he could show you a thing or two! Just think, no complaints from neighbours!

I can’t believe these drumsticks are only £9.95!! I would pay more to be honest.

So stick on Artic Monkeys, gel your hair and play the drums till your hearts content. Actually these would be great for my dad who’s going through that mid life crisis! Available from Firebox.