DrumPants happen to deliver the first wearable musical instrument in the world

drumpantsDo you love drums and all things percussion? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, here is the DrumPants, which is a Kickstarter project that hopes to garner enough financial support from the masses before it can be realized as an actual product. The DrumPants will be able to play more than 100 built in sounds, ranging from drums to percussion, synthesizers, guitars, or pianos, or even being able to make your own tunes. Apart from that, you are also able to program extra actions in order to control slideshows, silence your phone, and control websites such as Netflix or Youtube with but a simple tap.

With the DrumPants, you can use it to integrate with and use any apps which accept MIDI or OSC signals. Music that has been created can be sent by the DrumPants kit to other music apps in order to loop and edit music, among others. The DrumPants will basically allow you to play it anywhere, loud or quiet, with the help of a pair of headphones or a portable speaker.

Want to wear it with any clothing (both under and over)? Sure, not a problem. The reason behind the creation of the DrumPants would be the ability to create as well as play music on the go. It intends to offer just about everyone the ability to be able to create and capture music whenever they experience an “Eureka!” moment, and it could be on your daily commute to work, or simply sitting by the lake and breathing in the beauty of a sunrise. Made out of high quality industrial materials, the DrumPants are comfortable, durable, and affordable. Do you have enough faith in it to make it a reality?

Each pair of DrumPants would come with half a dozen 6 velocity sensors, stick-on quick release pads for attaching to clothes, and the DrumPants app that lets you connect DrumPants to a computer via USB.

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