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Drobo Mini 8TB bundle announced

drobo-mini-8tbIf you happen to have a penchant for making backups of your data as well as work, then I am quite sure you would be pretty much familiar with the folks over at Connected Data as well as what they do. Connected Data happens to be the ones behind the award-winning Drobo range of smart storage solutions, and their latest Drobo Mini 8TB bundle will be able to deliver to customers a massive amount of storage space – all without having to take up too much physical space in the first place.

First of all, what kind of goodies does the Drobo Mini 8TB bundle come with? It will feature a quartet of hot-swappable 2.5” drive bays that are pre-loaded with four Samsung Spinpoint M9T 2TB drives. Similar to all of the other Drobo products that we have seen in the past, this particular Drobo Mini 8TB bundle will be built on the award-winning BeyondRAID Technology, where it makes sure that none of your precious data will be lost just in case Murphy decides to strike, and you go through one or two simultaneous drive failures. Should a drive does fail along the way, the Mini is smart enough to automatically repair itself – as well as return to a protected state, all the while providing full access to all data. Not only that, you are also able to add or swap new drives on-the-fly with zero downtime.

The Drobo Mini will be able to connect through Thunderbolt or USB 3.0, ensuring that computer users will continue to gain access to data while they are traveling, with full confidence that their data will remain safe and sound, protected against loss. These features and capabilities will arrive in a sleek-looking package that tips the scales at a mere three pounds, making it highly portable to carry around as you travel. Expect the Drobo Mini 8TB bundle to retail for $999 a pop if you are interested in a reliable backup solution.

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