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Driving Simulator from Honda

You know what I think is really hysterical? We have these flight simulators to help out would-be pilots, but when it comes to teenage drivers, we just put them behind the wheel with a driver’s permit.

Why can we not put them in a simulator? After all, pilots who land airplanes for the first time often say: “it was just like the simulator”. If we can give this amount of realism to pilots in training, then why not make a realistic driving simulator?

I am guessing that this is what Honda was trying to do with this driving simulator. If you put your fifteen-and-a-half-year-old behind the wheel, then it’s probably as close to driving on the road as it can be.

It has three LCD displays to give the realistic feeling of a windshield view. The software includes programs that can make night driving, driving in fog, and highway driving. I wonder how it can do with traffic. I’m not certain what happens if the driver crashes, but I’m guessing there will be some virtual cracks on the screen with the word “CRASH”. Oh, wait, that’s what they did on the old-school version of Flight Simulator.

I’m sure a lot of you have probably realized that this driving simulator “just can’t be as good as getting behind the real wheel deal” which any pre-16 teenager wants to do anyway. Granted, you should make a rear window display or something if you want future drivers to practice parallel parking and backing around a corner.

Well, the device itself is $66,000, which is hardly worth paying for, no matter how many drivers that you will have in our family.


4 thoughts on “Driving Simulator from Honda”

  1. Kinda expensive, considering that you can Buy a top of the line Honda for less and have money left over for the video game version of the simulator!

  2. I am a game lover and always like to drive such heavy vehicles but never had a chance. But this simulator is simply awesome for all game lovers. Collest gadget.

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