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Driveway Doorbell announces your arrival to the household

driveway-doorbellHave you ever noticed that your pooch at home would know just who has pulled up into the driveway long before you do? That can be attributed to their amazing sense of hearing, but if you would like to make sure that you are on a level playing field without going for some genetic modification or enhancement to your ears, then the $59.95 Driveway Doorbell will be able to do the trick as well.

The Driveway Doorbell certainly lives up to its namesake, being a system that will sound a chime in your home whenever there is a vehicle that pulls right up your driveway. This is made possible thanks to the system’s remote motion sensor that will be attached to a mailbox post or address sign that is located at the end of a driveway. Upon detection of motion, it will send a signal back to the in-home receiver that can be placed up to 400′ away. The system’s receiver will then generate a 45-second-long chime as its LED flashes so that anyone at home will be alerted to the arriving presence.

There are four volume settings (from 80dB to 125dB) to choose from with five different alert melodies that can be set. Thankfully, each purchase will come with the necessary mounting hardware right out of the box, although do obtain enough AAA and C batteries — you require three of each.