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Driverless vehicles finish their journey from Italy to Shanghai

Some of you might remember when we reported on the driverless vehicles who wanted to take a road trip from Parma, Italy to Shanghai, China. We are pleased to present a follow-up report on their success.

For those that don’t remember, these vehicles were not truly driverless, as they had people in them that could take over the vehicles at the push of a button. Although I haven’t read the official report yet, my Source says that the 8,078 mile (13,000 kilometer) trip was done “with minimal intervention”.

Apparently, they took the clearest roads possible, but they did go through cities like Moscow. The vehicles were completely electric, which meant no stopping for gas along the way. However, the EV nature of the vehicles was only good enough for four hours of commuting each day.

I suppose that the scientific method needs to be applied to this trip, and project leader Alberto Broggi will need to look at where the driverless electric vehicles made wrong “decisions”, and see if the laser scanners, GPS devices, and other internal programming in these cars can be made better.

I believe that the arrival of this team coincided with the Shanghai World Expo. Perhaps one Expo will feature a lone driverless vehicle arriving at the Expo. Now that would be an entrance.